Build your own private cloud or Private Virtual Cloud with Nimbus

Are you a SaaS provider?

If you run your own SaaS platform and want to focus on delivering customer value, let Nimbus run your core systems and workloads. Our cloud offerings give you the flexibility to scale your business and free your resources to do what they do best.


Build your own Private, Virtual Private, or Hybrid Cloud with Nimbus

  • Build a Private Cloud to your specifications
  • Outright purchase or lease to
    use, lease to own
  • Financing arranged
  • Physical & virtual machines
  • Provisioning & commissioning
  • Capacity planning
  • SAN connection & zoning
  • Resource & performance monitor
  • Azure + Nimbus Cloud software
  • Full Managed services for Azure
What is NimbusCloud?

Flexibilty and data compliance

Do you want to have the flexibility of public cloud but the security of your own private servers? Nimbus Our Cloud gives you the option of having a virtual private cloud (VPC) where you can run all the processes available on public cloud, but configured for you in compliance with Malaysian data compliance regulations.

What is a VPC?

A virtual private cloud is a secure, isolated private cloud hosted in a public cloud. In this case it is hosted in Nimbus Cloud's own public cloud which operates out of data centres in Malaysia. This gives you faster access to your data as well as ensuring that no data is hosted out of the country as it would be on other public cloud services currently available.

Our cloud architecture works for you​
  • No need to buy or set up complex and costly infrastructure
  • Your cloud is maintained by experts freeing you up to focus on your business
  • Scale your workload requirements as you need them
  • No limits on your growth or amount of resources, no need to purchase or install costly hardware
  • Using our VPC, you can add computing resources on demand and connect to your on-premise infrasturcture with ease
Other offerings
Other NimbusCloud services

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3 tips to manage your Private Cloud

It is critical to maintain and manage your private cloud infrastructure when it comes to best IT practices. Your organization should continually adopt regulations and standardize and formalize monitoring methods. You can fully use your cloud resources by establishing a sustainable management structure optimizing industrial expansion. When your organization invests in private cloud infrastructure, you want to manage it effectively as a decision-maker.

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