On-Premise to Cloud

A case study on how a SaaS company benefited by migrating to the Cloud


Reduced CaPex

By migrating to the Cloud, they have moved their Capital Expense model to a Operational Expense model

Reduced Technical Human Resource

Maintenance of infrastructure was offloaded thus allowing Technical Resources to be focused on key Revenue Functions

Reduced Downtime

Virtual Infrastructure on the cloud meant better deployment management. This greatly reduced downtime and delays from on-premise server maintenance

Improved Scability

Cloud footprint is able to scale in par with the business growth rate

Robust Business Continuity Plan

Together with a Disaster Recovery and Backup strategy, they are able to meet strict Government Regulation and Compliance


A Malaysian SaaS provier engaged in supply, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of IT hardware, development, management and provision of business to business (B2B) e-commerce and computerized transaction facilitation services.


As SaaS provider they were bogged down by maintenance difficulties and lack of scalability of their physical infrastructure supporting their operations. Planning for and adding capacity took too much time and added costs. They also needed the ability to better handle website traffic surges.


To move their SaaS operations onto Nimbus Cloud which allowed them to focus their attention on being a software development and customer driven business, rather than use additional resources to maintain increasingly expensive and complex on-premise infrastructure.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

A case study on how an Airport benefited with a Robust Business Continuity Plan


Robust Business Continuity Plan

Created an off-site backup infrastructure that is immune to disasters by moving the back location away from the airport

Archived Regulatory Compliance

Real time replication along with an environment to simulate Disaster Recovery Drills for compliance and testing

On-Site Expert Support

Nimbus provided Managed Service whereby our team supports the Airport with dedicated engineers on site and in our offices in Kuala Lumpur

Unparalleled Availability

Unparalleled Availability archived with high-level maintenance and management that they were not capable of in-house, or with a public cloud provider


Ranked the fifth busiest and one of the fastest growing airports in Malaysia serving as the aviation gateway for Iskandar Malaysia and the southern region, dedicated to providing routes and services essential to cater the needs of both tourism and business travelers.


Being a strategic service, implementing a Business Continuity Plan with compliance and uptime was their top priority.


Compliance and uptime was completed with highest levels of compliance and governance with Nimbus Cloud Preserve which encompasses Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), significantly exceeding their recovery time objective (RTO).

Cloud Digital Transformation

A case study on how a Printing company benefited from a Cloud Digital transformation


Reduced & Consolidated Workloads

The process involved the consolidation of multiple diverse databases, down from 12 to 5 databases

Reduced Cost

Re-platforming of operating systems (Windows to Linux) resulting in tremendous cost savings and reduction of license fees. Facilitated the migration from MPLS to SDWAN, generating a saving of 900k per year.

Upgraded System & Security

The full upgrade of application operating systems resulting in better operating system stability and security patches

Improved Sustainability & Scalability

Successful migration of private data center infrastructure to the Cloud, resulting in improved availability and scalability while increasing their current infrastructure efficiency

Increased Ability to Innovate

They are able to initiate digitizing offerings creating new and sustainable revenue streams


Established in 1888 as the ‘Government Printing Office’ under the Perak State Government. Today they provide comprehensive and integrated solutions incorporating latest technologies including Track and Trace Solutions, Internet of Things and various other complete systems in all their products such as Smart Card Solutions and Security Printing.


Stuck with expensive and often obsolete infrastructure and a lack of in-house Cloud skills. It needed a cloud partner to support their new strategic direction and implementation requirements.


Utilizing Nimbus’ full suite of Cloud Solutions supported their move from a traditional government printer to becoming a digital services company by migrating their servers and workloads to the Cloud powering their new business model as a SaaS provider.